What’s with all the goose poop?

Springtime brings many drastic changes to the Treasure Valley, and some of those changes include all the geese coming back to town for their summertime stay. And while this is true, many folks mistake the results of a common lawn service for geese droppings. The service in question is called aeration, and the results of aerating generally include plugs being pulled out from the lawn/soil that are distributed across the yard. Hence – the resulting confusion and mistaken goose droppings.

So why do smart homeowners routinely aerate their lawns? The benefits are multi-fold, but primarily, aeration brings necessary oxygen to the root system of your lawn and creates a much healthier environment for the grass to thrive. Water can penetrate deeper, root systems drive further down into the ground, and your lawn naturally becomes healthier. Aeration is also a fantastic way to discourage compaction and to correct for things like tire tracks in the lawn if a vehicle has driven over it.

So if you’re looking for one of the KEY ways to beautify your turf and get the season off to a gorgeous start – consider aerating. It’s one of the best bang-for-your-buck services and most homeowners overlook it, so you’ll be a step ahead in creating the greenest, healthiest turf in town! If this is a service you’re interested in having performed – our pricing is very reasonable and we can come out to provide a quote at your convenience. Just book a free quote with us below and we’ll see you soon!

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